5.4.2 News coverage

It is beyond the scope of this handbook to provide detailed guidance on how to manage media campaigns. From a community shares perspective, accurate factual reporting of the details of any community share offer is vital. Advance publicity should focus on the purpose of the offer, rather than on the offer itself. So, for instance, if the purpose of the offer is to save the last retail outlet in the community, then this should be the news story. Details of the community share offer should only be released when the share offer document is ready for distribution.

Local, regional, and national news coverage is welcome and achievable. Community ownership, community investment and community shares are novel concepts and may attract media interest. Several community share offers have attracted national news coverage, but this did not appear to significantly alter the geographic distribution of investors. Instead, national coverage tends to bolsters local support, perhaps by reinforcing the sense of pride and identity within the target community. 

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