A day in the life of the Community Shares Wales Project Officer

2nd Mar 2018

9am: Get in and check emails, usually a whole mixture of things – discussions among other practitioners debating accounting practises for societies (my cue to go and make my first cuppa of the day!), arranging meetings, and double checking everything is good to go for tonight’s training event.

10am: Some more caffeine, followed by a meeting with Wales Co-operative Centre marketing wizards to plan our social media takeover day.

11am: A phone call enquiry from a volunteer board member of a community association who has seen some of our marketing (yay!) and thinks that Community Shares would be the perfect way to bolster their organisation, and develop it even further as a wide reaching community facility.

11:30am: Get a query from a client whose share offer is currently open:

Q: An investor wants to double their investment, now that they know they can get 50% of their investment back as tax relief through the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme… Can they do this?

A: Yes, absolutely!

12pm: Open up my Peer Review. As part of being a practitioner in the Community Shares field, I’ve been doing a training programme to become a qualified Community Shares Practitioner. At the moment, I’ve completed one of three assessments that go towards my qualification, so this week I am working on a peer review of a share offer that I haven’t worked on, for a community pub and arts hub based in England. Once I’m a qualified Practitioner I will be able to award the Standard Mark for Community Shares – a quality Mark that means that a share offer meets national standards of good practice, and that shareholders are being given all the information they need to make an informed decision. This is quite an intensive process, as I have to review a share offer document, a business plan, the share application form and the governing document for the organisation and make sure I’m not missing a single thing, so I’ve already spent a few hours on this over the week. This takes up the rest of my afternoon.

5pm: Off to Newport to run an event in partnership with Supporters Direct, all about building stronger sports club with Community Shares. This event begins with a quick presentation from Carly (our Project Manager) introducing Community Shares Wales and the support that we can provide, along with an overview of what Community Shares actually are. We then hear from Stuart, the chair of Lewes Football Club, who is sharing the story of how they successfully raised £200k from a community share offer in 2015 and the amazing work that they are doing with their community. This is followed by an overview from James Mathie of the work that Supporters Direct can do with community groups, followed by an interesting panel discussion where key questions around the highs and lows of running a share offer campaign were answered .

7pm: Time to head home after a busy day. Pretty tired but satisfied after a rewarding event and looking forward to working with some new people in the future.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the support that Community Shares Wales can provide, please contact Claudia at Claudia.limpert@wales.coop or look at the Community Shares Wales website.